Installing Popular Applications On Your Ubuntu Desktop With Automatix2 - Page 2

After Automatix2 has installed all applications, it is possible that a window pops up with some errors that occurred during the installation (I've tried Automatix2 on two different desktops, and both times I got such errors, although not the same ones):

If it happens to you, just go to the package selection again, select the packages again that gave errors (please note that the packages that have successfully been installed aren't listed anymore), and click on Start again to try a second time to install them.

It's possible that this Sun Java JRE question pops up again (like before); my answer is still No:

On my first desktop the second Automatix2 run went ok, on my second test system however it came up with an error again, this time only about Sun Java JRE, the other packages had successfully been installed. Anyway, I don't care about Java, so I ignore this error:

Afterwards, you will find that only the packages which you didn't choose to install are left in the package selection:

Now let's leave Automatix2:


5 Browse Your Applications

Now you can check all the submenus in the Applications menu to see what applications got installed and where:


6 Uninstalling Packages

If you want to uninstall one of the packages previoulsy installed by Automatix2, simply launch Automatix2 again (Applications -> System Tools -> Automatix), then go to the Uninstall tab, select the packages you want to remove, and click on Start:


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