Isc Bind 9 for windows

Replacing ms dns with bind9 is an better idea here is why:
1.It's really faster (noticed when i run first query on that machine and had lower latency)
2.Better security (windows2k is not supported with patches in future)
3.You can migrate easily to linux after that ;)

Download from unzip it and run the installer (bindinstaller.exe) from inside directory

Install the package as service (there is an setup inside zip)

create etc/named.conf with folowing content

zone "." {
type hint;
file "named.root";
zone "localhost" IN {
type master;
file "";
allow-update { none; };
zone "" {
type master;
file "named.local";

#isc bind is installed in this dir c:\winnt\system32\dns

include "d:\winnt\system32\dns\named.zones";

directory "c:\windows\system32\dns\etc";

download root dns server list "" from FTP.RS.INTERNIC.NET (anonymous ftp)

create with following content

$TTL 86400
$ORIGIN localhost.
@ 1D IN SOA @ root (
44 ; serial (d. adams)
3H ; refresh
15M ; retry
1W ; expiry
1D ) ; minimum

1D IN NS @
localhost.localdomain. IN A

create named.local
@ IN SOA localhost. root.localhost. (
19 ; Serial
28800 ; Refresh
14400 ; Retry
3600000 ; Expire
86400 ) ; Minimum
IN NS localhost.

1 IN PTR localhost.

Is time now for named.zones that will contain (shock) zone files

zone "" IN {
type master;
file "";

Where will be created like this (with this content) IN SOA (
200509121 ; Serial
30800 ; Refresh
7200 ; Retry
604800 ; Expire
300 ) ; Minimum IN NS IN NS IN MX 10 IN A IN A IN A IN A

Start the server with this command (to see if any errors )
bin/named -g -f -d 5

If server responds to queries

try dig @localhost

next step is to enable it as service and remove ms dns server (it's that easy to replace monopoly ;))

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By: Anonymous

How about some GUI tool, for those lazy admins, or unexperienced users, who might want to try BIND? Maybe they're not so keen on manually editing the configuration files.

By: Anonymous

Lazy, inexperienced folks shouldn't be administering servers.

By: Anonymous

Try (webmin) is an excellent tool to administer you server from a remote location .... :)

By: mariuz

you can write one very easy in lazarus or wxwidgets

By: Anonymous

I replaced ours this year with ISC DHCP and ISC Bind. You'll want to make sure you properly handle the "_" zones that Windows AD servers use. We just use IP based auth to allow them (Domain Member Servers) to make their dynamic updates into those zones. We use dynamic updates throughout and have written simple commmand line tools that allow us to add/del entries.

Seems to be much more reliable/predictable than Windows AD stuff (we run ours on Linux of course).

By: mariuz

We move dns from w2k dns server to windows Bind9 server

the we will move it to linux bind9 (that is the most easy step)

You can skip the w2k dns to windows bind9 migration and copy the zone files to linux and then configure them manually (create the configuration for zone files as in example)

By: Anonymous


Is i posible to migrate current w2k dns server to Isc Bind 9 on linux?