How to install Tonido private cloud server on Ubuntu Linux

Tonido is a free application that allows you to access files on your computer from a web browser, from your handheld or any DLNA capable device. The Tonido server enables you to sync files between different devices and to share them securely with your friends so you have a private and secure Cloud.

Tonido is available for all major operting systems incl. Linux, Mac and Windows, there are also apps available for Android, Iphone and Blackberry. Tonido can also be used to backup files from your phone on your desktop. Please note that Tonido is not open source software, but there is a free versions available that I will cover in this tutorial.

This tutorial is about installing Tonido server on Ubuntu Linux.

Tonido installation

The following installation instructions are for a 64 bit system, for 32 bit systems I request you to visit here.

First I will install the wget command that I will use for the download of the software from the shell.

apt-get install wget

Then start the Tonido installation by creating the directory:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/tonido

After creating the directory, go into the directory by typing:

cd /usr/local/tonido

Now download the 64 Bit version of Tonido by typing:

cd /usr/local/tonidosudo wget

So now as you have downloaded the file, go ahead and extract the contents with the tar command:

sudo tar -zxvf tonido64.tar.gz

After doing the above you may just start tonido by typing:

./ start

After doing the above just hold it, open on your browser, it will give a screen like the following:


After opening the Tonido web interface in your browser, it's time for account creation. Just go ahead and fill in the details as required and hit "Create".

This will lead you to following screen:

Note down the above url, that will be your remote access url. Afterwards you can see the option for remote folder access, whether the user will have access to all folders or only to a few shared folders.

Add all folders that you like to make available here. When you enable Indexing, Tonido will sacn the contents of the folders and adds all media files to it's internal index.

Now that everything is done you will get a screen like this:

Manual Indexing

To add an additional folder and index it manually, go to settings and you will find this screen:

Select the option "Manually" from the dropdown box and check the "Enable Indexing" option, make sure to add your additional folder from the "Add Folder" button and click on "Index Now", and you are done.

You can also add "Guest" users as per need.

This will be it for the tutorial. Any queries feel free to comment.

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By: JohnP

"DLNA" and "secure" in the same sentence?

A solution that requires trusting a 3rd party (Tonido) and secure in the next sentence?

We have different ideas of what "secure" means.

By: Pinia

Why did you cover your link for remote access and then on next picture leave it for showing..? (fail) 

By: gary

amazing app. Thank you. Music streaming works flawlessly.

By: Pedro Martinez

Will it start automatically on every boot?

By: Hamza Ahmed

Tonido is a remote access software that is designed for those devices who storage are attached to network. To make this work, all you really have to do is download and install the server application on your PC/linux/ubuntu, create your own Tonido account, get your own personalized URL, and then Tonido will magically make your computer’s files easily accessible remotely via Internet either through the web browser or the intuitive mobile apps.

That's great and have many features, I am using Tonido on my PC and it works great.

By: ben

"Just go ahead and fill in the details as required "

Oh, but I don't have the details to hand and don't know where they come from...

By: ASmith

How do you create a Guest and Guest password account, I've searched and haven't located that how-to.

By: Phillip

I have followed these same directions a hundred times and no matter what I do, I still get this error:  Starting Tonido Service:[email protected]:/usr/local/tonido$ nohup: redirecting stderr to stdout

Then of course when I try to access the url  I get the error "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

I have searched high and low and cannot find how to get past this.  I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed.  Can anybody help with this problem?

By: roy


Install this file: