How to install Arch Linux with XFCE Desktop - Page 2

Now here is something for 64-bit user only, enter:

nano /etc/pacman.conf

And uncomment the two uderlined lines.

Save the changes. Update it byt typing :

pacman -Syy

That's quite good.


Graphical installation

We are going to start with sound manager, lets install the alsa mixer.

pacman -S alsa-utils

After the installation you can just go ahead and adjust your volumes by typing :


You will have a screen like this :-

Use the arrow keys to change and increase the volumes. If done with it you can check the sound for yourself:

speaker-test -c2

The above command here means the speaker test for 2 channels.
To install your type in:

pacman -S xorg-server xorg-server-utils xorg-xinit

Continue by installing the guest-additions :

pacman -S virtualbox-guest-utlis

Install the clock, window and the xterm by typing:

pacman -S xorg-twm xorg-xclock xterm

After comppleting the above installation go ahead and type :


And here it is:

Add a User

We will have to make some adjustment. To give the new user the root access type in:

EDITOR=nano visudo

After doing this, uncommment the following line:

Save the above changes and move ahead to create a new user.

useradd -m -g users -G stroage,power,wheel -s /bin/bash "username"

It should look like this:

Change the password of your own user:

passwd "username"

Just update your mirror list and type:

sudo pacman -Syy

Updating it shouldn't take much time.
Now its time to install your Desktop Environment. I'm going with XFCE4, you may go ahead and try something different if you want to.

sudo pacman -S xfce4

Press ENTER for all it asks. After the installation check if you have a .xinitrc file in the directory:

ls -la

You see you got it there.
Just make sure that you have xfce4 working by typing in:

nano .xinitrc

Uncomment the line to start xfce4. Make it executable (just for the tutotrial my image above already is executable):

chmod +x .xinitrc

Let's install the goodies of xfce4:-

sudo pacman -S xfce4-goodies

Once done, start your desktop:-


This is your desktop after startx. Use the default config or you can make any changes you feel like. Like adding the time or anything. You will have to manually create all the folders since it comes just with the home folder.

Type in the above command and then go ahead and install firefox :

Once you have a browser, browse the internet and install stuff, downoad stuff - do whatever you feel like.


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