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6 Configure Online Software Repositories

Now we configure the online software repositories that our OpenSUSE 11.2 system will use to install further software. Go to Computer > YaST:

You will have to type in the root password:

In YaST, select Software Repositories:

The Configured Software Repositories window opens. Click on the Add button:

Select Community Repositories:

You will get a list of predefined online repositories. Select them all to make sure your system can install all available OpenSUSE 11.2 packages if they are needed. Click on OK afterwards:

Now the lists of available packages are being downloaded from the repositories. It's possible that your system doesn't know the public keys of all repositories, so if you see a message like this, you can click on the Import button:

You might as well have to accept a few licenses:

Afterwards, we click on Add to add the Google software repository (it contains Picasa):

Select Specify URL...:

Type in a name for the repository (e.g. Google) and then the URL of the repository ( or if you are on an x86_64 system):

Afterwards you can close YaST.

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From: Dalton Roberts JR at: 2010-05-26 20:46:03

I find it very interesting how most of the review and many website do not tell people about the major repository problems that users will run into and how the they to toggle there firefox in order to surf the web. These problems for a newbie is a distro killer.