There is a new version of this tutorial available for Fedora 17.

The Perfect Desktop - Fedora 14 i686 (GNOME) - Page 5

13 RealPlayer

To install RealPlayer, visit in Firefox and download the RPM package (click on the Download the RPM Installer link):

Select Open with Package Installer (default) in the Firefox download dialogue:

The Package Installer will then come up and guide you through the installation.


14 Opera

Go to in your browser and select Fedora as distribution. Click on the Download Opera button...

... and select Open with Package Installer (default):

The Package Installer will then come up and guide you through the installation.


15 Google Earth

To install Google Earth, open a terminal and become root:


Then run

cd /home/falko/Downloads
chmod 755 GoogleEarthLinux.bin
./GoogleEarthLinux.bin --target /tmp/ge
cd /tmp/ge/
mv setup.gtk setup.gtk2
cd /tmp/ge

This will download Google Earth and start the installation. Click on Begin Install:

After the installation, you can click on Quit or on Start, if you want to start Google Earth now:

Afterwards, we delete the Google Earth installer:

cd /home/falko/Downloads
rm -f GoogleEarthLinux.bin


16 Kompozer

Go to and click on the KompoZer 0.7 is available here link:

Select the kompozer-0.7.10-i386.rpm package:

This will bring you to SourceForge, and after a few seconds the Firefox download dialogue should pop up (if it does not, click on direct link) where you select Open with Package Installer (default), as usual:


17 Inventory (III)

We have now all wanted applications installed:

[x] Gimp
[x] F-Spot
[x] Picasa

[x] Firefox
[x] Opera
[x] Flash Player
[x] FileZilla
[x] Thunderbird
[x] Evolution
[x] aMule
[x] Azureus/Vuze
[x] Transmission BitTorrent Client
[x] Empathy IM Client
[x] Skype
[x] Google Earth
[x] Xchat IRC

[x] OpenOffice Writer
[x] OpenOffice Calc
[x] Adobe Reader
[x] GnuCash
[x] Scribus

Sound & Video:
[x] Amarok
[x] Audacity
[x] Banshee
[x] MPlayer
[x] Rhythmbox Music Player
[x] gtkPod
[x] XMMS
[x] dvd::rip
[x] Kino
[x] Sound Juicer CD Extractor
[x] VLC Media Player
[x] Real Player
[x] Totem
[x] Xine
[x] Brasero
[x] K3B
[x] Multimedia-Codecs

[x] Kompozer
[x] Bluefish
[x] Quanta Plus

[x] VirtualBox
[x] TrueType Fonts
[x] Java
[x] Read/Write Support for NTFS Partitions


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By: Anonymous

Here is a site with instructions on loading google earth in Fedora -

I did it and it works

By: Anonymous

The installation blows up in at line 285

It issues a message about lsb

when you look at the source it says - WE CAN DO FEDORA LATER


# This is a gross hack for 6.0.   Try to ensure LSB runtime is present in
# the absence of a real packaging system with real dependencies.   This solves
# this "only" for Debian/Ubuntu, but that's believed to be the majority right
# now and we can do Fedora later.
if [ ! -f /etc/lsb-release ]; then
  echo "This version of Google Earth requires LSB 4.0 support which you"
  echo "do not seem to have."
  if [ -f /etc/debian_version]; then
    echo "You have a Debian system.   Installing LSB now."
    try_run -absolute /bin/su root -c "apt-get install lsb"
    try_run -absolute /bin/su "yum install redhat-lsb"


By: Andrew Koros

The problem is with the script on line 285.

To fix make sure you have redhat-lsb installed first:

yum -y install redhat-lsb 

Then start the install again but  edit the file file before running it:

 chmod 755 GoogleEarthLinux.bin
  ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin --target /tmp/ge
  cd /tmp/ge/
  mv setup.gtk setup.gtk2
cd /tmp/ge
  vi +285

change the line 

if [ -f /etc/debian_version]; then


if [ -f /etc/debian_version ]; then 

Note the added space!!!!

save and run it again:


By: Vivin NL

True type font and kompozer helps me a lot.

but you missed the great WINE HQ in the list......

By: Santiagobear

I've used this site for several installations, now, and it's really helped me maintain my sanity. It's also taught me a lot more about how various commands act in terminal.Thanks. But - - Real Player doesn't support linux anymore. You can download an archived copy of RealPlayer 11 (the latest available) from Helix, ( ) and follow the instructions above to install it from there. It's just that going to won't help.