Telaen Howto - Easy php webmail interface

Today i found a really good wembail interface and i want to share how easy is to install it compared with other webmail packages.

Telaen is a webmail interface written in PHP. It does not require any database and is compatible with POP3 or IMAP so it runs under any Server supporting PHP with Sendmail or QMAIL. Additional skins and languages can be easily integrated.

Download latest tar.gz package from sourceforge page


tar zxf telaen_1.1.0.tar.gz

mv telaen_1.1.0 webmail

cd webmail/

chown -R apache.apache *

Apache is running under apache user so now it has rights to write in

webmail's database directory

cd inc/

cp config.php.default config.php


cp config.languages.php.default config.languages.php

Now you can load webmail in browser


If the pop/imap server is located on the same machine that is all !


First page you will see is the one with user settings:


Then you can read your emails from inbox . Doh!


You can change the default pop/smtp server in config.php

vi config.php

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