Creating Snapshot Backups Of Your Desktop With Timevault On Ubuntu 7.10 - Page 3

6 Snapshot Browser

6.1 User Access

6.1.1 Global

The first option to access the snapshot browser is to right click on the Timevault notifier icon.


6.1.2 Nautilus

Timevault is also integrated into Nautilus - simply click on the icon to open the snapshot browser.


6.1.3 Properties Dialogue

The third option to access the snapshot browser is to open the properties dialogue for a file or folder.


6.2 Root Access

You have two options to use the snapshot browser with root privileges. Either via right click on the timevault notifier icon ...

... or in the properties dialogue.


6.3 Usage

After you've opened the snapshot browser you'll see a browseable timeline of the taken snapshots. The base for these snapshots is either the actual directory or file if you opened the snapshot browser via Nautilus or the whole filesystem if you opened the snapshot browser via the Timevault notifier.

After you've selected a snapshot from the timeline you'll see the detailed contents below. You can hide meta data or real data if you want.


6.4 Revert Snapshots

If you want to revert a file or folder from a snapshot simply mark it and click on "Revert".

Click on "OK" ...

... and choose a location where the data shall be restored.


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