How To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On Debian Etch - Page 3

7 Configure A Linux Client (GNOME) To Connect To The WebDAV Share

If you want to connect to the WebDAV share from a GNOME desktop, go to Places > Connect to Server...:

Select WebDAV (HTTP) as the Service type, type in the Server ( in this example) and then the Folder (webdav). Do not fill in a User Name yet because otherwise the connection will fail. Click on Connect afterwards:

Now you are being prompted for a user name and password. Type in test along with the password, then click on Connect:

You might get the following error...

... but at the same time the WebDAV share should appear on the desktop, which means you can ignore the error:

Double-click on the icon to open the WebDAV share:


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From: at: 2008-09-05 07:39:01

I hope that this help someone:


From: Gary Judge at: 2013-01-22 22:17:38

Just a quick note to thank you for your tutorial. I've now just managed to get WebDav running on my Raspberry Pi. Cheers, Gary

From: at: 2008-08-08 20:29:23

Choosing WebDAV in the pull down box does not work if you are connecting to secured site.  In that case you have to use "Custom location".  In the server location box type in


Check and complete the book mark box as desired and click on connect.