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6 Configure A Windows XP Client To Connect To The WebDAV Share

According to (in German!), Windows XP clients with SP2 don't support the Basic authentication in conjunction with WebDAV unless you download this file and tweak the Windows registry:

The file contains a .reg file. Double-click on it to install it, then restart Windows.

After the restart, click on My Network Places on your desktop (I have a German Windows, so the names are a bit different in the screenshots):

Select Add a Network Place from the Network Tasks menu (on the left):

The Add Network Place Wizard comes up. Click on the Next button:

Select Choose another network location, and click on Next:

Enter as the location and click on Next:

You will be prompted for a user name and a password. Type in the user name test and the password for the user test:

Then type in a name for the WebDAV folder:

To open the new connection, keep the Open this network place when I click Finish box checked, and click on Finish:

The WebDAV folder will then open where you can browse the contents of the /var/www/web1/web directory and its subdirectories on the server, and you will find an icon for your new WebDAV share in the My Network Places folder:

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By: Falko Timme