QuickStart, The Swiss Army Knife For Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop - Page 2

6 Installing Common Applications

With QuickStart, you can install some common applications (currently these are: alltray, amarok, aMSN, compizconfig-settings-manager, devede, firestarter, gimp2.0-quiteinsane, gparted, msttcorefonts, k3b, k9copy, kde-PWmanager, linux-headers, Inkscape, ntp, preload, quiteinsane, thunderbird, vlc). To do so, select 10 Install Common Applications:

Next select the applications that you want to install:

You are then asked for your password. After you've typed it in, the desired applications are being installed:


7 Installing DVD Codecs

QuickStart lets you also install the codecs on your computer that you need to watch DVD movies. Select 11 Install Proper DVD/Codecs Files:

Select OK:

Afterwards the codecs are being downloaded and installed:

Afterwards you can insert a DVD movie into your computer and watch it in Totem:


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