The Perfect Setup - SUSE 9.3 - Page 2

After the reboot, insert CD 2 and go on with the package installation:

After the package installation, you have to provide a password for root:

Now we do the network configuration. Take care to enable SSH:

Then I click on Network Interfaces. On the next screen that appears, under Already Configured Devices, click on Change:

I do not want to get IP addresses from a DHCP server because a server should have static IP addresses so I change this by clicking on Edit:

Select Static Address Setup and enter an IP address (e.g. and a subnet mask (e.g.

Under Host Name and Name Server I set my hostname and enter up to 3 DNS servers (e.g. and

Under Routing I set my gateway (e.g.

Under Advanced -> Additional Addresses you can set additional IP addresses.

I want to create a virtual network card eth0:0 with the IP address (my main one is in this example) so I select Add:

I enter an Alias Name (0), my additional IP address ( and my netmask (

Click on OK:

Then Next:

An overview of my network cards:

Back to the main Network Configuration screen, and the Next:

The network configuration is saved:

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