Installing Webmin On Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) - Page 3

Attempting to start Webmin mini web server..
Starting Webmin server in /opt/webmin/webmin-1.360
Webmin has been installed and started successfully. Use your web
browser to go to
and login with the name and password you entered previously.
Because Webmin uses SSL for encryption only, the certificate
it uses is not signed by one of the recognized CAs such as
Verisign. When you first connect to the Webmin server, your
browser will ask you if you want to accept the certificate
presented, as it does not recognize the CA. Say yes.$

Thunderbirds Are Go ... Or At Least Webmin Is

Being the paranoid person I am I rebooted my linux box in order to see there were no errors after the install had completed. It also ensures that the service is starting automatically after a server restart. For me, the reboot went successfully. For you it will hopefully do the same. However, if you are on a live system ... do not reboot unless you want the wrath of users to fall on you hard.

sudo reboot

Broadcast message from (/dev/pts/1) at 7:05 ... The system is going down for reboot NOW!

Alternatively you can check that webmin is running correctly (without rebooting) by running the following command:

sudo /etc/init.d/webmin status

Which should show something like

webmin (pid 4326) is running

To check it is listening on the correct port (23646 in this case):

sudo netstat -tap

tcp 0 0 *:23646 *:* LISTEN 4326/perl

So What Are You Waiting For?

Log in and use it:
Copy this url into your web browser:

You should see the following screen 

Webmin SSL Cert
SSL Cert Confirmation

Accept it and click OK.

The logon screen should appear. 

Webmin Logon Screen

Enter your details:

        User: admin
        Password: myS3cr3t

Please note: If you use the following message will appear:

Error - Bad Request
This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL instead.

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From: at: 2007-08-19 07:09:30

"The server I used was previously setup according to the HowTo Forge document..."
So we need to do all that install first, isn't it?
"(...)the root account needs to be enabled, which breaks one of the major security(...) "
But in that install it is enabled!

 "...revert the dcc-client and dcc-server back to version  1.2.74-2"
Pease, could you write down the steps?

From: at: 2007-09-13 09:15:19

Good point .... my caveat to following the process mentioned as my initial install was that I didn't use the root account but used sudo at all points.

revert the dcc-client and dcc-server back to version 1.2.74-2"
I'll try to put in a full note on how to revert the dcc client. However as a teaser ... quick pointer .. I used the apt commands that control the version as part of the install.

For example, the lines below will install version 1.2.74-2 of the dcc-client / server packages:

# apt-get install dcc-client=1.2.74-2

# apt-get install dcc-server=1.2.74-2

From: DarkFlame at: 2008-12-30 05:34:41

I just want to say "THANK YOU!!!" for an easy-to-follow instruction on how to setup Webmin.  I now have a GUI for my server running Ubuntu Server 8.10 that I can run from my WinXP Pro desktop, and I don't have to have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse connected to the server!!!  By the way, I'm setting up my first Linux box, so this is exciting in it's own right. 

Also, it setup the proper version of Perl for my distro version.  I wish I had not turned it on at boot-up, because I'd prefer to not have the continuous overhead.  But, for now, as I'm experimenting with Ubuntu and the RAID5 array I created in OpenSuSE (& want to use in Ubuntu), it's ok to have it running immediately from start-up.  But, once I've got it all configured the way I want, then I'm taking out the OS HDD & installing a blank one and doing one more setup without the "minor" mistakes!

 Again, I LOVE your forging forward with Webmin.  It got me going!!!