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Afterwards, you can start Elisa under Applications > Sound & Video > Elisa Media Center:

Elisa starts up:

This is how Elisa looks. Select any of the icons to go to the respective section,...

... e.g. Music, ...

... Video, ...

... Pictures, ...

... or Settings:

To leave a subsection, you can click on the white arrow in the bottom left corner (or use the ESC key). To leave Elisa, press ESC while you're in the top section.


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By: philn

How about filing a bugreport?

By: philn

Just for information, Elisa 0.5.9 is rather old, we provide packages for Intrepid and soon Jaunty in our PPA:

The current version in official Jaunty is 0.5.28


By: Anonymous

all you get is a black screen