Installing SugarCRM Community Edition On Ubuntu 8.10 - Page 2

Select the database type (MySQL):

On the Database Configuration page, fill in a name for the SugarCRM database (e.g. sugarcrm) (will be created by the installer automatically if it doesn't exist). The Host Name is localhost. Then fill in the username of the MySQL administrator (root) and his MySQL password (yourrootsqlpassword). Then scroll down...

... and select Define user to create from the drop-down menu to create a MySQL user for SugarCRM (this user will be created by the setup wizard). Fill in a name for that user (e.g. sugarcrm) and a password. If you want to have some demo data to play with, select Yes from the Populate Database with Demo Data? drop-down menu. Click on Next afterwards:

Next fill in a password for the SugarCRM admin user (username is admin):

Select your locale and currency settings:

You should now see a summary of your selected options. If everything's ok, click on Install:

SugarCRM is now being installed. Click on Next afterwards:

If you want you can now register to receive newsletters - this is optional:

You should now see the SugarCRM login screen. Fill in admin as the username and the password you specified in the setup wizard:

After the first login, you are asked to select your time zone. Select the right one and click on Save:

This is how sugarCRM looks:

A user guide for your SugarCRM version can be found on


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From: at: 2009-05-10 19:02:58

Great job as usual.

Installs fine on 9.04 and the latest version of SugarCRM is


Thanks again.

From: Conor at: 2010-07-20 13:18:10

Muchos gracias - just installed Sugar6.0.0 on Ubuntu9.10 using this howto.

From: Anonymous at: 2010-12-04 12:59:16

Thank you for the instructions!  I just followed them to install SugarCRM CE 6.1.0 on Ubuntu 9.10 and it seems to have worked.

Just a couple tips:

The SugarCRM CE 6.1.0 installation now recommends setting the PHP memory limit to 96M in php.ini:

memory_limit = 96M

The version 6.1.0 zip file includes a ".htaccess" file that will not be copied to the /var/www/sugarcrm/ directory using your commands.  Instead, perhaps it would be cleaner to use something like the following:

cd /var/www
unzip /tmp/SugarCE-*.zip
mv SugarCE-Full-* /var/www/sugarcrm
chown -R www-data: sugarcrm

This way even the "hidden" files in the root of the unzipped directory end up in the installed webdir.

From: OldManRiver at: 2011-10-06 19:31:54


There are steps missing here.

I had to do:

addgroup sugarcrm

before executing the:

chown -R www-data: sugarcrm

As was getting "None existant group" errors:

Even after all that, when I run the istall.php I get tons of permission errors. I do not know what the program wants so can not correct the problems. Will post on the Sugar Forum to see what is required. Thanks! OMR

From: Anonymous at: 2010-03-11 20:19:29

I set this up on Ubuntu 9.10 with Sugar 5.5.0a and it worked absolutely perfectly. Thank you for a clear, concise and easy to follow guide!