How To Use Glx-Dock/Cairo-Dock On Ubuntu 12.04 - Page 2

3 Desktop Widgets/Desklets

On the Add-ons tab, you can add pre-configured applets to the dock (like a clock, a weather forecast, and a system monitor):

You can turn these add-ons into desktop widgets or desklets by right-clicking them and going to Edit:

On the Desklet tab, go to Visibility and check Is detached from the dock; you might also have to select Keep on widget layer if Normal doesn't work:

On the Configuration tab you can configure the desklet; click on Apply and Quit when you are finished:

Afterwards you will see that the add-on has moved from the dock onto the desktop:

This is how Glx-Dock/Cairo-Dock looks when the Unity menu has been removed:


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By: wilsonn

I have used cairo dock with gnome 2 with great success but it is very buggy on gnome 3. Window dodge will not work and I will not tolerate losing real estate. There were also system freeze up with some of the applets.  Have you noticed these glitches on Unity?  Cairo dock is the best tool available to make Unity and Gnome 3 usable if they can squash the bugs.



By: Anonymous

You can simply drag and drop an applet out of the dock, this will make it a "desklet" ;-)