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6 Configure A Windows XP Client To Connect To The WebDAV Share

Click on My Network Places on your desktop (I have a German Windows, so the names are a bit different in the screenshots):

Select Add a Network Place from the Network Tasks menu (on the left):

The Add Network Place Wizard comes up. Click on the Next button:

Select Choose another network location, and click on Next:

Enter as the location and click on Next. You must specify the port in the WebDAV URL (:80). For some strange reason this makes Windows XP accept the normal username (e.g. test) - otherwise Windows XP expects NTLM usernames (that would have the form\test).

You will be prompted for a user name and a password. Type in the user name test and the password for the user test:

Then type in a name for the WebDAV folder:

To open the new connection, keep the Open this network place when I click Finish box checked, and click on Finish:

The WebDAV folder will then open where you can browse the contents of the /var/www/web1/web directory and its subdirectories on the server, and you will find an icon for your new WebDAV share in the My Network Places folder:

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From: Thomas Dahlmann at: 2009-03-06 13:49:37


Nice article, plain simple and intuitive.

I have one recommendation though. Instead of basic authentication I would choose digest. When playing with webdav you should keep in mind that you open a very large hole into you server. Webdav (which is the point with the protocol) gives access to modify the content. If your username and password is sniffed - you've lost big time.

Using digest as authentication gives the second best option to SSL.

From: Brian1999 at: 2012-08-20 04:28:56

It is great article. However, I think it might be easier to sign up a cloud based webdav solution such as offered by The advantages of cloud based webdav include: it's easier to setup. Just sign up an account and you get your webdav server ready; and you can access your webdav server from anywhere.

From: Anonymous at: 2009-05-27 02:59:35

Excellent how-to, but you should add instructions on how to access through windows vista as well as XP.

From: William Siddall at: 2009-02-28 03:04:58

Last time it tried it (3 months ago) a webDAV client with Ubuntu/Nautilus was really slow.  Painfully slow.  Unusably slow.  I speculate that it has to do with directory pre-caching that Nautilus tries to do.

From: Carsten at: 2009-02-26 14:01:54

Hello, just a quick question:

Do you also have a config syntax where each user have automaltically a DAV folder, and the login to the DAV URL takes the logged in username and displays for that user the DAV location?




From: solnyshok at: 2009-10-16 11:22:52

Hi, I have problem, that webdav is not asking password and showing directory content.


In particular, it DOES ask for password when I connect from Ubuntu->Places->Connect to Server. But when I simply enter my local IP address in web browser (e.g. from my wifi phone on the same network http://192.168.0.x (even without .../webdav/ part of the path) then I get to see all folders without asking for user name or password.

Please help.

From: James at: 2009-03-15 09:08:16

Very well explained but when im trying to copy a file from my computer to my webdav service i cant because the webdav is not shared or something like that what can i do?

From: Daniele at: 2010-05-03 11:57:11

I have followed your complete and useful instructions to install it on my server. It seems to work, as cadaver answers as expected.

The problem appears when I try to connect to webdav. I have tried to:
Select WebDAV (HTTP) as the Service type, typed in the Server ( for me) and then the Folder (webdav). With these data I get an error saying it is not possible to mount «dav://». Not an enabled webDAV share.

So, I have typed "localhost" as Server instead. With it I am asked for user and password and the webdav share appears on the desktop. With a double-click on the icon, I get again an error like "unable to mount it because it is not an enabled WebDAV share.

Any idea?