How To Reduce Log File Disk Usage With ISPConfig Or LAMP

Slowly I was seeing my disk usage increasing, I knew it was log files that were getting bigger and bigger. I found out that Apache log files were the worst, there was around 1GB of space used in 3 months.

So I decided to make a bash script that would compress Apache log file every month.

I run ISPConfig, the script can be modified to your needs :


MONTH="$((`date +%m`-1))"
YEAR=$(date +"%Y")

cd /var/www/

for f in $(ls /var/www | grep web); do
             cd /var/www/$f/log
             if [ -a $YEAR ];
                     cd $YEAR
                          if [ -a 0$MONTH ];
                                  tar -zcvf 0$MONTH.tar.gz 0$MONTH
                                  rm -rf /var/www/$f/log/$YEAR/0$MONTH

Then you run this script in your crontab the first day of each month:

05 03 1 * * sh /root/
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