How To Make An Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Resemble A Mac (With Elementary, Docky & Gloobus-Preview) - Page 3

5 Enabling Gloobus-Preview

Gloobus-Preview allows us to preview files and directories in Nautilus by marking an item and pressing the space bar on our keyboard. But this works only with a special version of Nautilus which is also available from the repositories that we enabled in chapter two. This Nautilus version can be installed by updating our system. Go to System > Administration > Update Manager:

At the bottom of the list of packages that are available for update, you should find the libnautilus-extension1, nautilus, and nautilus-data packages. Make sure that these are checked, and click on Install Updates to start the update:

Afterwards, you can open your Nautilus file browser (under Places). To preview an item, mark it (i.e., click on it once), and then press the space bar:


6 Screenshots

That's it! Your desktop should now resemble a Mac. Here are a few screenshots of what your desktop could look like now:


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By: Anonymous

Good work man, what about making a script ?

By: mot

I don't like the add PPA thing and the "replace nautilus with another nautilus from unknown source". Themepackages can be dropped in your theme menu and thats how it should work securitywise.

By: Jeff Hoogland

No global menu? No reskin of the buttons?

Really poor OSX theming IMO


By: Chen Xiao-Long

You could also add information on installing the gnome-globalmenu package. That would give a more "complete" Mac experienc :D.

By: Saltire

Nice simple theme change, leaving you with a pleasant workable outlay. I am new to Ubuntu and this was a good way of getting started with enhancing my machine and experience. Those belittling your efforts should post there own mods if they think they know better.

Well done and many thanks.


By: jedn

I just want to tell you that this tutorial was amazing!!

Thank you very much. My desktop looks great now.

 Best regards