How To Install 3.0.0 On Ubuntu 8.04 - Page 2

Go to /opt/openoffice.org3/program and pick soffice (/opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice):

Now that you have /opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice in the Command field, you can close the Create Launcher window and leave the menu editor:

Now start OpenOffice 3.0.0 (Applications > Office > OpenOffice 3.0.0 Writer):

When you run it for the first time, you will be asked to follow the wizard:

Afterwards you can pick which OpenOffice program you want to use, ...

... e.g. OpenOffice Writer:


3 Uninstalling OpenOffice 3.0.0

If you want to uninstall OpenOffice 3.0.0, run this command...

sudo apt-get remove ooobasis3.0-base ooobasis3.0-binfilter ooobasis3.0-calc ooobasis3.0-core01 ooobasis3.0-core02 ooobasis3.0-core03 ooobasis3.0-core04 ooobasis3.0-core05 ooobasis3.0-core06 ooobasis3.0-core07 ooobasis3.0-draw ooobasis3.0-en-us ooobasis3.0-en-us-base ooobasis3.0-en-us-binfilter ooobasis3.0-en-us-calc ooobasis3.0-en-us-draw ooobasis3.0-en-us-help ooobasis3.0-en-us-impress ooobasis3.0-en-us-math ooobasis3.0-en-us-res ooobasis3.0-en-us-writer ooobasis3.0-gnome-integration ooobasis3.0-graphicfilter ooobasis3.0-images ooobasis3.0-impress ooobasis3.0-javafilter ooobasis3.0-kde-integration ooobasis3.0-math ooobasis3.0-onlineupdate ooobasis3.0-ooofonts ooobasis3.0-ooolinguistic ooobasis3.0-pyuno ooobasis3.0-testtool ooobasis3.0-writer ooobasis3.0-xsltfilter openoffice.org3 openoffice.org3-base openoffice.org3-calc openoffice.org3-dict-en openoffice.org3-dict-es openoffice.org3-dict-fr openoffice.org3-draw openoffice.org3-en-us openoffice.org3-impress openoffice.org3-math openoffice.org3-writer

... and delete the launcher in the menu, or, if you have installed the OpenOffice desktop integration package, run

sudo apt-get remove openoffice.org3.0-debian-menus

If the package names differ (e.g. because you've installed OpenOffice in another language than I did) and the sudo apt-get remove command displays an error, you can find the correct package names by running

dpkg --list | grep -i ooobasis3.0


dpkg --list | grep -i openoffice.org3


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By: Manolo

Thanks . It is very helpful. I had a lot of troubles for install the new version 3.x, but your guide saved my day

By: breese

Excellent tutorial: very, very, helpful!

By: Anonymous

Nice Guide with nice screenshots, but unfortunately too complicated.

Use this guide instead:

By: tracyanne

Open 3.0 installs exactly the same way in Mandriva Linux 2008.1 and previous. It's not necessary that you do it in Mandriva Linux 2009.0, as Open 3.0 is included as par t of the default install.


I'll be upgrading to Mandriva 2009.0 this week, so this article won't be of much use.

By: Lutfi

Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04) is LTS version. It is mean next 3 year still use by many company also personal user. And is essential office application on desktop.

Why Ubuntu not release Openoffice.org3 update for Hardy? If anyone know Ubuntu is most easiest linux distro, Canonical have to do better for this. Pushing backport to repo is easy for every user. And more integrate with Ubuntu desktop.

By: Mikhail

Thank you very mach!

It's very, very useful help!

By: Tanmoy


Thanks for the informative post! After removing 2.4 from my Ubuntu 8.04 (32-bit) installation, I installed soffice 3.0, but have lost the nifty quickstarter (the Quick Start system tray applet) in this process and try as I might, I cannot get it back.

There is no "enable at startup" check box under Tools->Options->Memory. What did I do wrong and how can I get my Quick Start back?


When I installed OpenOffice 3 in Ubuntu 8.04 it worked but I lost spell checking in Thunderbird and Firefox. I could have fixed this I guess, but  decided to uninstall version 3 and wait for an official upgrade from Ubuntu.


By: sohbet

thanmk you

By: Stephen

Thanks, Falko!

 I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux distros and I was having trouble getting this installed.  This guide worked well for me.

By: Jarrod

This installation worked flawlessly in 8.10 as well.

Thanks for the guide.

By: Yngve

Just wanted to add to your howto in case someone else have the same problem. I couldn't get past the introductory setup stuff, and in the terminal openoffice exited with the error message; "[Java framework] could not load Java runtime library: file:///usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-gcj-4.2-". Installing sun-java6-jre solved the problem for me (it seems, haven't tested it beyond successfully opening the program).

By: T-roy

This worked GREAT!  Thanks for posting!

By: Anonymous

Installed OO 3 with your tutorial for ubuntu 8.04 after upgrade to intrepid and worked fine first try.  Thanks for the help.


By: Robert

I'm a very beginner, but your guide was a superb lesson! Thanks!!


The Ubuntu Team should hire you !

By: aswler

Thank you very much for your advice, how to install open-office 3 on ubuntu it worked fine These Opensource applications are realy great have a good weekend mike

By: ricard

Thank you very much for posting this tutorial. It is excellent.


By: Erin

Thanks for this helpful site!

By: Eso40043

Wow, thanks a lot, this worked like a charm!! not complicated at all, veeerrry nice. Thanks!

By: LyleSam

Thank you very much!!!!! It worked on my Ubuntu 8.10. I installed it and still kept 2.4. by following your easy steps. Really really appreciate it.