How to Install Microsoft Teams Linux on Ubuntu and CentOS

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform used for Chat, Calling, Meetings, and Collaboration. Generally, it is used by companies and individuals working on projects. Microsoft Teams is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems available now.

Teams for Linux is available as an official Microsoft Teams client for Linux-based operating systems now. Currently, Microsoft Teams Linux is supported on CentOS 8, RHEL 8, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, and Fedora 32 operating system.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Microsoft Teams Linux on CentOS and Ubuntu desktop.

Install Microsoft Teams Linux on CentOS 8

By default, Microsoft Teams Linux package is not available in the CentOS 8 default repository. You will need to download the RPM package for it. You can download it with the following command:

cd /tmp

Once the package is downloaded, install the downloaded package with the following command:

dnf install teams-

Once the installation has been completed, you can launch it as shown below:

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams Login

Enter password

Now, provide the email ID and password which you have used to create Microsoft account and click on the Sign in button. Once you are log in, you should see the following screen:

Welcome to Teams

Select your team and click on the Continue button. You should see the Microsoft Teams dashboard in the following screen:

Microsoft Teams Dashboard

From here, you can chat, meeting and calling with other users.

Microsoft Teams Linux on Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04

By default, Microsoft Teams package is not available in the Ubuntu default repository. You will need to download the Debian package from their official website.

Run the following command to download the Microsoft Teams package:

cd /tmp

Once the package is downloaded, you can install it with the following command:

dpkg -i teams_1.3.00.5153_amd64.deb

Once the installation is completed, you can see the installed application in the Unity dash as shown below:

Teams Icon

Remove Microsoft Teams

To remove Microsoft Teams Linux from the CentOS 8, run the following command:

dnf remove teams

To remove Microsoft Teams Linux from the Ubuntu 18.04, run the following command:

dpkg -r teams

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Microsoft Teams for Linux on CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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By: Seboss666

Please note that native client is still in preview and that more recent builds can be installed (for example, see the folder to see that we already are in 1.3.x branch).

Generally, use the repositories instead of directly installing package is a better way to go. You'll find all details in the microsoft forum by a microsoft team member :

You'll gain better update management and also GPG validation for packages.

By: chris

First of all, Teams for Linux IS now officially available.  Secondly, the screenshot you're showing is clearly not Ubuntu 18.04 because it's using the Unity desktop which hasn't been the default desktop on Ubuntu since 2017. 

By: Danjel

I'm getting:


After entering the e-mail twice.

Any ideas?


By: Mark Preston

After installation, yesterday, TEAMS now autostarts on power up. How do I config it to start when called, rather than as like an old terminate and stay resident file in DOS?

By: Jose Villalobos

Thank you very much, the commands for installing MS Teams on Ubuntu worked seamlessly.

By: cobo

Just installed the Teams-App for Ubuntu 18.04 successfully, I was asked to log in which I did with some existing Microsoft account - and ended in a windows that told me (translated into English): "You are logged in as [email protected] Please choose Register for Teams to continue or use another account". Ok, I have no other account, so I choose the first - which brings me to the browser and a website that lets me "register". I do it with the same email address, and I end up with a web page that gave me the choice to either use the web version or start the existing app.

Ok, it exists now, so I pressed that button. Firefox was asking which application to open for that link, and I told it where the teams binary resides - and it was successfully starting.

Again login - and then back to the same screen, asking me to register with Teams...

In other words: I am in an endless loop and I do not see a way out! Which basically makes this app pretty useless for me :-(

By: Thomas Kempa

Thanks, Hitesh, simple but effectful.

From a Ubuntu-greenhorn (still greenhorn after 4 years ;)

By: Joe

Thanks.  We made the mistake of trying out teams and now we're cleaning up a gigantic mess. There's some other things you may need to remove in the application settings on the various platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) that as of 2020-05-16 have some history cached unencrypted and some other bloat.


On Linux it was in:  ~/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft Teams

Mac it was in the usual application settings/library areas. No one we have uses Windows except for our NOC staff and they used VMs for testing it, so I don't know where the leftovers are there.


It wasn't actually bad (as we had wagered), but a giant step backwards compared to everything else we are using. If you're not using other tools or if you've been dragging your feet on checking out other products, it's not actually a bad step forward from the past.  We don't have any other Microsoft products in use so it made no sense when it was proposed... but due dilligence, you know? If we hadn't evaluated other stuff we might have wound up using it despite not having other Microsoft products.

By: Sachin Shikarwar

How can I add Teams in my reporitory?


By: Arshiya

while installing on ubuntu following error has occured:

dpkg: error: requested operation requires superuser privilege

By: Blake McBride

Teams on LinuxMint doesn't work correctly. When on a conference call, the mic doesn't work correctly. Zoom worked fine until I installed Teams. Had to uninstall Teams to get Zoom to work again. Amazing. The largest software company in the world can't create one Linux program. Or, perhaps they don't want it to actually work....

By: prashanth

It does not support 32bit laptop which has Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

PLease guide me on this on urgent basis.


Thank you in advance!!

By: CGeorge

I have no clue as to who thought this would be a good idea. I tried to install Teams for Linux after somebody didn't have Zoom (and not computer savvy). After a pretty good and quick .deb the thing slows my i7 down to snails pace. It then requires you to register on 6 different occasions, after which it leads you to a license buy shop (so much for free) or says you better install Skype (which is also a great creation under Linux). Where did idea come from that people used to systems that work would enjoy jumping through hoops again, just because somebody wants them too. Removed it (including the automatic reg they seem to feel they can do without notification) in my trusted keys/ list and hold them afar with a long, pointed stick.

By: Profe_Marcelo

Hello, please tell us how we can install MS-Teams on Ubuntu 32 bit (32 bit, not 64 bit!!!)

Thank you very much!!