How To Install And Use MyDLP - Page 2

11. Select Yes and press Enter in order to write the new partition configuration to disk.

Installer will start to install base system.

12. Create your user and set its password. You will use this user in order to log in and manage your Ubuntu system.

13. The rest will be completed automatically by Ubuntu installer. All you need to do is having a cup of tea.

14. Now, we are ready to boot into our new DLP ready system. Press Enter to reboot.

15. We should be able to log into the MyDLP Appliance with the username and password we have created before.

16. The MyDLP Appliance was configured to assign itself an IP Address from a DHCP server automatically. In order to move on from here, and complete installation, we should learn the assigned IP address. Unix command ifconfig will list all enabled network interfaces and their IP addresses. In this example, it is Or as an alternative, we can assign a static IP address for our Ubuntu Box. This is also explained here.

17. At this point, we have completed installation of the MyDLP Appliance. But, MyDLP is known to be easy, simple and open. One of the reasons which makes MyDLP easy and simple is its Web User Interface. In order to access the Web UI, it should be configured first. Enter https://YOURIPADDRESS in your browser, in this case

Provide your name, email and password. Then, click submit. The email address and password you have provided will be used as username and password for admin panel.

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