What does the mailscanner do to email attachments?

Attachments with suspicious file extensions (e.g. exe) will be renamed automatically: e.g., USELESS_EYE_CANDY.EXE would be renamed to USELESS_EYE_CANDY.DEFANGED12345-EXE, so that one cannot open the attachment thoughtlessly by double-clicking. The attachment first has to be saved to the hard disk and to be renamed to USELESS_EYE_CANDY.EXE before it can be opened.

Note: The mailscanner feature is not the same as the antivirus.

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This is how to change attachement rename settings:

  1.  Edit: /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/html-trap.rc.master
  2. Search for: MANGLE_EXTENSIONS=
  3. You can see extensions are separated by pipes | so you can easily remove as many as you want. (f.ex: do[ct] for Word)


Your new settings will ONLY affect new users. To change for existing users do the same changes in file: /var/www/web<x>/user/web<x>_<user>/.html-trap.rc