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3 Using PDFedit

In this chapter I will show how to do a simple task with PDFedit - fixing a typo in a PDF document.

First start PDFedit (Applications > Graphics > PDF Editor):

This is how PDFedit looks:

Click on the Open button (or press F3) to open a PDF document that you have on your hard disk:

Select the PDF file that you'd like to modify:

Using the green arrow buttons in the upper right corner of PDFedit, you can go to the page of your PDF file that you'd like to change. As you see, I have a typo in my document (I have marked this in the below screenshot - it reads accout, but it should be account):

I pick the Select text tool...

... and mark the text I'd like to change:

In the right window, you can now see a tree of what you've selected (something like Selection > Tj > Parameter 0). Click on Parameter 0, and the selected text appears in the text box in the lower right corner of the PDFedit window. There, you can modify the text:

After you've modified the text, right-click on it and choose Select All:

Then right-click on the text again and select Copy:

Now that the modified text is in your clipboard, left-click on the selected text in the main window - it should be replaced with the modified text from your clipboard (I had to scroll back and forth in the main window until the changed text was visible - maybe you have to do the same). As you see, it now reads account:

Click on the Save button to save the modified PDF file (or press F2):

Afterwards, you can open the PDF file in a PDF viewer (e.g. Acrobat Reader) to check if your changes have really been saved (I've marked the modified sentence in the below screenshot so that it is easier for you to find it):


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Using pdfedit on Hardy, I followed the instructions in this tutorial, but when I left-click on the text in the main window (just after copying the modified text), I get a message: "Document is read-only", and the text doesn't change. In the file's properties panel (using Nautilus), it seems I have permission to both read and write.



By: Anonymous

For anyone reading this and wanting to know how to edit 'uneditable' PDFs: It's probably because you're trying to edit a linearised document.

 open PDFEdit and click tools > delinearize and save the new document. You should be able to edit that copy.


By: Jip

Any hint on how to remove an image box?

 If difficult, any Linux tool that makes it easier?

By: Anonymous

After reading the detailed and informative article, i would like to recommend another pdf editor called " VeryPDF PDF Editor", which has more complete function than this free software. Anyone who is interested in it can refer to a review named The BEST PDF Edit Tool in the World.

it is really worth to take a look or have a try. 

By: Peter

Evidently the tool only runs on Win, not Linux.
It costs $90.
The link to it is dead.



By: Anonymous

Hi, thanks for your easy-to-follow tutorial, now I'm wondering how to add images to my pdf documents?

By: Posicionamiento en buscadores


how can I do text link with PDFEDIT?

By: Daniel P.

I must drag the yellow selected text and leave them out of position in order to get my text pasted from the clipboard. I think this tool is not easy to understand, edit text could be as easy as normal word processor. Thanks anyway, i don't pay money for it.

By: -=terry=-

falko thank you for your great article!!

 For me the best way to "modify" the document  is using the F5 (/page/reload) instead of moving cursor to the main window and click.

1. modify text

2. RMB select all

3. RMB copy

4. F5



By: Anonymous

I am using PDFedit 0.4.1 (under openSUSE, but since the rpm was not specific, this should apply for other OS's too).

It seems to me that there's no need to select the edited text and click back on the main window.

Once the text to be changed is selected, it is enough to change the text as it appears in the property editor at the bottom right.

 Press F5 to refresh and the new text should already be in place.


By: Richard Baxter

How to edit text characters using PDFedit on Linux? 

SOLUTION: press F5 (refresh)

e.g. select text - Selection pane - selection - TJ - Parameter 0 Array - modify required characters - F5 - save


By: Anonymous

I almost thougt that pdfedit didn't work, but with a little tweak.

My document was weirdly encoded, so the string I wanted to replace was an array of characters which only displayed as blanks. I don't know if it was a codepage isssue, but I had to do copy paste of invisible characters to replace the text I needed to replace.