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On the Exclude tab, you can specify directories that should not be included in the backup. There are already some predefined patterns/folders on that tab:

On the Auto-remove tab you can specify conditions when old backups will be automatically deleted to free hard drive space:

The Options and Expert Options tab contain some further settings that you normally don't have to alter:

Click on OK to leave the Settings dialogue.

Now we can take our first backup - click on Backup Now:

Afterwards, the backup shouuld be listed in the Snapshots column:

If you want to restore a backup, mark the snapshot in the Snapshots column and then click on the Restore button:


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Cool Tool

Thanks for share.

(btw dont put that [....] in the sources.lst file ) LOL ;-)

By: waynemeat

Latest version works good on 10.04 too. The buttons seem to be the only thing that is slightly different.

Shame I can't use it to backup the root directory.

Thanks for this quick tutorial.