Installation Of Citrix Presentation Server ICA Client Using PCLinuxOS With KDE Display Manager

This tutorial was written to assist PCLinuxOS users with the installation of the Citrix Presentation Server ICA Client 10.0 using the latest PCLinuxOS release and the KDE Display Manager.


Download The Necessary Files

Download Open Motif from the PCLinuxOS repositories using Synaptic Manager. (Open the Synaptic Package Manager within PCLinuxOS, search for the terms open motif, mark the openmotif and libopenmotif3 files for download and installation, and click on Apply.

Once the requisite OpenMotif files are downloaded and installed, then open a webbrowser and navigate to

Select Support, Downloads, and Clients.

Under Citrix Presentation Server, select the Linux option within the Unix subgroup.

Click on the Download Here link to the right of the Version 10.0 tarball for your particular language. Save the tarball to your desktop. Close your webbrowser. Now you should have the tarball on your desktop.

Click on PCLinusOS “PC” button in lower left of desktop to open main menu. Select System, File Tools and Krusader – root-mode. Enter the root password, when prompted. From the initial Krusader window, press Alt+K to enter the Krusader root privileges mode. Once the Krusader root privileges mode window loads, on the left side of the Krusader window, navigate to your default user desktop window (/home/{defaultlinuxuser}). On the right side, navigate to the /tmp directory. Drag the Citrix tarball from the left window to the right window in the root privileges Krusader screen. When prompted, select Move Here.

Once the tarball is moved to /tmp, close the Krusader window. Click on the PCLinuxOS “PC” start icon and select System, Terminals and Terminal Program – Super User Mode. This will open a terminal window which immediately prompts you for the root password. Enter the root password.


cd /tmp

and press the Enter key.


tar -zxvf {your_tarball_filename_here}

and press the Enter key.



and press the Enter key. Enter 1 at the prompt to 1. Install Citrix Presentation Server ICA Client 10.0.

The next prompt will say Please enter the directory in which the Citrix Presentation Server Client is to be installed. [default /usr/lib/ICAClient]. Press the Enter key at this prompt.

The next prompt will say Proceed with installation?. Type y and press the Enter key.

The next prompt will ask you to select a setup option, 1,2,or 3. Enter 1 and press the Enter key.

The resultant message will be Installation Complete.

The next prompt will ask Do you wish to integrate the Citrix client with KDE and Gnome?. Enter y and press the Enter key.

The next prompt will, again, ask you to Select a setup option:. Enter 3 to Quit Citrix Presenation Server Client 10.0 setup.



at the prompt to exit the terminal window.

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