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3 Using UCK

You can launch UCK by going to Applications > System Tools > Ubuntu Customization Kit:

You will see a welcome message first. Click on Close to continue:

Now select the language packs that you'd like to include on the Live-CD:

Next select the language that will be used to boot the Live-CD:

Select the desktop environment(s) that will be included on the Live-CD:

Next we must select the Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu ISO file from our hard drive (that means you must download it if it's not present on your hard drive already) - it will be used as the basis for the customized Live-CD.

Give the new Live-CD a name (up to 32 characters):

If you want to customize further things (apart from the language), select yes, otherwise no. I select no because I just want to customize the language:

If you want to delete Windows-related files (such as wubi) from the Live-CD, select yes, otherwise no:

Click on Close to start the Live-CD build process:

Type in your password:

The customized Live-CD is now being built. This can take some minutes, so please be patient:

Afterwards, you will see a message telling you where you can find the Live-CD ISO image:

If the ISO image is too big to be burnt onto a CD, you will see the following warning (which means you must burn it onto a DVD then):

Now burn the ISO image onto a CD/DVD and boot from it - it should use the language you selected during the build process (German in this case):


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By: Mahmut Sedat Ero?ul

uck 2.0.8 which can be installed through Synaptic/apt in Ubuntu 9.04 for the first time, fails if you answer "yes" to "Do you want to customize manually during building"; and later you want to use console;

but it is solved in uck 2.0.9 which you can find at sourceforge or download page at:

By: Anonymous

Can't seem to get uck to butild a custom iso. Just get errors after answering the initial questions. It then uncompreses and starts to try to do something but chokes. to bad. I'll just stick with making fedora remix's because those tools work.  I'd like to give it a try sometime if they ever make it stable though.