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3 Using UCK

You can launch UCK by going to Applications > System Tools > Ubuntu Customization Kit:

You will see a welcome message first. Click on Close to continue:

Now select the language packs that you'd like to include on the Live-CD:

Next select the language that will be used to boot the Live-CD:

Select the desktop environment(s) that will be included on the Live-CD:

Next we must select the Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu ISO file from our hard drive (that means you must download it if it's not present on your hard drive already) - it will be used as the basis for the customized Live-CD.

Give the new Live-CD a name (up to 32 characters):

If you want to customize further things (apart from the language), select yes, otherwise no. I select no because I just want to customize the language:

If you want to delete Windows-related files (such as wubi) from the Live-CD, select yes, otherwise no:

Click on Close to start the Live-CD build process:

Type in your password:

The customized Live-CD is now being built. This can take some minutes, so please be patient:

Afterwards, you will see a message telling you where you can find the Live-CD ISO image:

If the ISO image is too big to be burnt onto a CD, you will see the following warning (which means you must burn it onto a DVD then):

Now burn the ISO image onto a CD/DVD and boot from it - it should use the language you selected during the build process (German in this case):


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