Back Up Route53 To S3

Ryan Babchishin <[email protected]
Win2ix Systems Inc.

r53dump is a shell script that will connect to AWS Route53 service and dump all zones in Bind format for the specified account. Logging is done to syslog (check /var/log/syslog). Multiple accounts, multiple zones are supported. "cli53" is used for all connectivity with AWS systems. Dumped zones can optionally be sent to s3 automatically.



1) Install r53dump

git clone

2) Install cli53

git clone

3) Install s3cmd (available via apt-get on Ubuntu/Debian) or download

4) Create /etc/r53dump.conf and add this (or copy a working one):

vi /etc/r53dump.conf
# Path to cli53 binary

5) Set your AWS access keys in one file per account (like win2ix.auth). You can have more than one.

The format is like this:

export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY='2ma263OF+16cLlWWl0eS2MdLZa/SdhSTXHGgBAt9'

6) Start r53dump.

./r53dump authConfigFile saveDirectory

authConfigFile = the file created in step 5

saveDirectory = a directory to store downloaded zone files

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