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  • Ghosting The Machine

    tux Author: linuxscooterTags: , , Comments: 23

    Ghosting The Machine This is a short but potentially extremely handy guide to ghosting one Linux box to another (or simply making a full backup of a desktop/server). You might have a small office where you customise one desktop just how you like it and need to roll this out to N other PC's or simply want a backup of a server or desktop to another machine or even to an image file. The main tool here is netcat which is extremely powerful and has a multitude of other great uses that won't be covered here.

  • OpenVPN Server On CentOS 5.2

    centos Author: linuxscooterTags: Comments: 34

    OpenVPN Server On CentOS 5.2 So your users need access to Exchange and data from outside your organisation. Sure you can set up RPC over HTTPS and various other tools to access the data. I just find OpenVPN very good, convenient and reliable.

  • Adding Date And Time To Your Bash History

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    Adding Date And Time To Your Bash History This is a quick but handy addon (RedHat/CentOS) to enhance your bash history (bash > 3.0). It comes in handy particularly if there are multiple people maintaining a given server (so you can see when a command was performed) or even if you are the sole maintainer, but can't remember exactly when you did or changed something.

  • Postfix SMTP Authentication - On The Secure Port Only

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    Postfix SMTP Authentication - On The Secure Port Only So let's say your users are going away for holidays but need to use your mailserver to relay mail from outside the organisation... Let's set up SMTP authentication for the secure port only and allow access to this from outside your network.