Installing Ubuntu From A Windows System With Wubi - Page 3

After the installation has finished, the system reboots. At the boot menu, please select Ubuntu again:

Now your new Ubuntu desktop system should boot:

Type in your username and password (the ones you specified in Wubi before):

This is how your Ubuntu desktop looks. You can now use it like any other Linux desktop:

There's even an icon for your Windows partition on the desktop. If you double-click on it, you can browse your Windows partition:

Now let's see if our Windows desktop is still working. Shut down the Ubuntu system...

... and boot your Windows system:

Windows is booting:

As you see, your Windows desktop is still working as before:

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By: DenisF53

Wubi and Windows 7----Does Wubi install in Windows 7?

I used Wubi  to install Ubuntu Linux inWindows XP Home and Professional.  Both are GREAT!!!

My question is------Does Wubi installer work in Windows 7?

Thanks a bunch,

Denis        [email protected]