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Specify a name for the new virtual machine (e.g. Windows XP Desktop) and select the location where the virtual machine will be created. You can select a local folder, but VMware Converter will display a warning if the destination folder is on the system that is going to be converted. A better idea is to select a network folder, for example the Virtual Machines folder on the system where VMware Server is installed (e.g. your new Linux desktop). This also has the benefit that you don't have to copy the virtual machine to another folder/system after the conversion since the virtual machine is already in place.

Select Workstation 5.x, VMware Server, VMware Player for Type of virtual machine to create and click on Next:

If the destination folder is password-protected, you have to specify a username and password:

Next you can make some choices regarding the Disk Space Allocation. Usually Allow virtual disk files to grow is a good choice:

VMware Converter checks some settings:

Next specify some network settings for the virtual machine. Usually Bridge is the best choice:

Afterwards you can do some customizations, but it's not necessary. Then click on Next:

Check all settings again, and if they are ok, click on Finish:

The conversion begins. This can take some minutes, so please be patient. If you check the destination folder at the same time (for example the Virtual Machines folder on our VMware Server system), you will notice that a new directory with the name of the virtual machine (e.g. Windows XP Desktop) has been created, and in it the virtual machine is being created:

This is how it looks after the completed conversion:

To check the details of the conversion, you can click on the Task Progress tab:


4 Start Your Virtual Machine

Now go to the system where VMware Server is installed, e.g. your Linux desktop or some other Windows desktop. (You can find guides for installing VMware Server on Debian Sarge and Ubuntu Dapper Drake here:


Then import the Windows XP Desktop virtual machine into your VMware Server as described here:

Afterwards start it. If all goes well, your old Windows desktop should come up in VMware Server:


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