Virtualization With XenServer 5.5.0 - Page 4

4 Creating A Virtual Machine

This is a short example how you can create a virtual machine with XenCenter. Click on New VM:

The New VM wizard comes up. Select the guest operating system (e.g. Debian Lenny):

Enter a name and description (optional) for the VM:

Now you must specify the location of the installation media. Unfortunately at the time of release the Official Debian installation CD and DVD ISO images did not contain a XenServer-compatible kernel and therefore cannot be used with XenServer (see Therefore I select Install URL (instead of Physical DVD Drive) and type in the URL

Specify the number of virtual CPUs and the amount of memory for the VM:

Specify the virtual disks for the VM:

On the next page you can add or remove virtual network interfaces. Normally the default settings are ok:

Finally click on Finish. The VM will then be created on the XenServer host...

... and you should see the following screen. Click on XenServer Tools not installed:

Click on Install XenServer Tools:

Afterwards you should see the Debian installer, and you can set up a Debian Lenny guest just as you would do on a physical system:

Afterwards you can start using your first XenServer VM!


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By: Anonymous

Good article. It should be noted however that XenServer tools supports a very limited set of distributions and there is not much help getting it to work on other systems. Which is unfortunate because, even with the free feature set, I would dump vmware in a minute since it doesn't include a centralized client for free and doesn't support migration for free (like XenServer does)


By: Anonymous

Nice writeup.  What I don't understand is why Citrix makes you go find a Windows box so that you can  manage your Linux Xenserver.  There are already some fine tools that run natively under the various Linux distros.  No need to involve The Beast.

By: nico

i have one server with 4 stata disk, i want to install xenserver5.5 but with this tuturial i realise that maybe its not the better idea, since it will install on my first sata disk , it have not (in the installer at least) a way to config the linux raid for my local storage (4 sata disk of 500gb) and then install over there. Iam rigth? or thereis other way to doit?




By: ronald

Good article. I thinks it is also useful to add an DVD/ISO install of (for example) CentOS 5.3. I do not get this working on my server. I get this install working quickly with VMware and VirtualBox work.

By: Anonymous

Hello I followed this guide, it worked well except that iptables no longer works after intsalling xen tools

 mta:~# iptables -L
FATAL: Module ip_tables not found.
iptables v1.4.2: can't initialize iptables table `filter': iptables who? (do you need to insmod?) Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.


 Any ideas? or will I just have to run it with out xentools installed?

By: Anonymous

I'm having same problem.

"The issue of the missing modules in Lenny is known to Citrix, but it was decided to make it a post-5.5 enhancement. Refer to this thread:"

By: Anonymous

Thanks for this excellent article. It will help me easily setup XEN.

I was stuck last night trying to install virtual machines. Followed some command line instructions but couldn't make it work. Thanks for the excellent graphical guide. Sure gonna have xen up and running soon.

By: Anonymous

well, it doesn't work that way. After you click install XenServer tools nothing happens. I am sure you have to do something manual.

By: Anonymous

Are there any Xen-specific sources I should have in sources.list to update my kernel and related things? I see new kernel versions coming from Debian, but they are a few revs behind my current Xen-provided kernel:


apt-get upgrade finds this:


 Where will the xs kernels be upgraded and how do I get them when available?

By: Anonymous2


 Check out this forum entry:

One can rebuild the modules they need inside the guest VM.  I ran into this same issue, and am planning on doing just that.


By: Jesse

Hi Guys, Maybe i missed something but i can't configure a hardware Raid or a software Raid ! is this product like ESXi works with some hardware that is tooooo expensive ? I am new to XEN-Citrix product please give me a tip on this matter ! Best regards, Jesse


Really nice effort, it helps me a lot as I was searching for stable version of Xen and you know this is first time I am going to try this thing.


Best Regards