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4 Connecting To A VM From A Remote Desktop

4.1 Windows XP

You can use the built-in Remote Desktop Connection utility to connect to the VM:

Type in the hostname or IP address of the host (not the guest!):

And voilà, you should be connected to the VM:


4.2 Linux

On Linux desktops, you can use the rdesktop command to connect to the VM. Open a terminal (on Ubuntu, for example, it's under Applications > Accessories > Terminal)...

... and type in the following command:

$ rdesktop -a 16

( is the host IP address, not the one of the guest - replace it with your own IP address or hostname; -a 16 means 16 bit colour depth.)

And voilà, you should be connected to the VM:


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From: free-x at: 2010-02-24 21:08:19

DKMS is not available on Debian/Lenny

soborka:/data# apt-cache search dkms
soborka:/data# cat /etc/debian_version

From: Anonymous at: 2010-04-30 11:34:13

It's in testing (squeeze) and you can get it from backports:

wget http://www.backports.org/debian/pool/main/d/dkms/dkms_2.1.1.2-2~bpo50+1_all.deb

dpkg -i dkms_2.1.1.2-2~bpo50+1_all.deb

or from Dell


From: matty at: 2010-05-21 04:53:13

This is what you want to use now.

 # wget -q http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/oracle_vbox.asc -O- | apt-key add -


Thanks for the guide, Falko. :)