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4 Connecting To A VM From A Remote Desktop

4.1 Windows XP

You can use the built-in Remote Desktop Connection utility to connect to the VM:

Type in the hostname or IP address of the host (not the guest!):

And voilà, you should be connected to the VM:


4.2 Linux

On Linux desktops, you can use the rdesktop command to connect to the VM. Open a terminal (on Ubuntu, for example, it's under Applications > Accessories > Terminal)...

... and type in the following command:

rdesktop -a 16

( is the host IP address, not the one of the guest - replace it with your own IP address or hostname; -a 16 means 16 bit colour depth.)

And voilà, you should be connected to the VM:


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worked very well for me.

By: Anonymous

How can I get the VM to startup at boot time, without me having to log on and starts it everytime?

By: Anonymous

Great as far as it goes, but after a reboot at the end of the OS installation I simply get shunted back to the installation iso set-up again. How do you change the vm configuration to boot from the OS you've just installed rather than the installation iso?

By: planet_fox

If you want more guests starts on same time you must this commamnd before run

VBoxManage modifyvm <vmname> -vrdpport 4777

then can you start the vm on an other port