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4 Connecting To A VM From A Remote Desktop

4.1 Windows XP

You can use the built-in Remote Desktop Connection utility to connect to the VM:

Type in the hostname or IP address of the host (not the guest!):

And voilà, you should be connected to the VM:


4.2 Linux

On Linux desktops, you can use the rdesktop command to connect to the VM. I'm assuming you're using a Fedora 11 desktop here.

On Fedora 11, you must install rdesktop first. Open a terminal (Applications > System Tools > Terminal)...

... and become root:

$ su

Then install rdesktop...

# yum install rdesktop

... and leave the root shell:

# exit

Then type in the following command:

$ rdesktop -a 16

( is the host IP address, not the one of the guest - replace it with your own IP address or hostname; -a 16 means 16 bit colour depth.)

And voilà, you should be connected to the VM:


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From: Anonymous at: 2009-07-22 14:25:24


first thank you for your howto, that is helpful for me. but i want to say that:

1.I am not agree with you "...but a server does not have a desktop environment.", today most servers have GUI and just a simple one purpose server needs no GUI.

2.you don't need to create group for your user; in fedora when you add a user, that automatically add group for your user and /bin/bash is default.

3.to connect to guest with rdesktop you need to use guest IP and not host.

From: Anonymous at: 2009-08-11 20:56:39

 Good tutorial.

 But im a bit concerned about security when using VRDP.

 Do you know of a way to get authentication to work ?