The Perfect Desktop - Linux Mint 5 Elyssa R1 - Page 2

Now we come to the partitioning of our hard disk. Usually Guided - use entire disk is a good choice, unless you need custom partitions and know what you're doing. Use entire disk will create one big / partition for us:

Type in your real name, your desired username along with a password, and click on Forward:

The next screen shows us a summary of the installation settings. Click on Install to start the installation:

The Linux Mint system is being installed. This can take a few minutes, so be patient:

After the installation is complete, we must reboot the system to use it. Click on Restart now:

The Live-CD desktop shuts down. At the end (when you see the black rectangle with green text at the bottom of this screen), the Linux Mint CD is ejected. Remove it from the CD drive and hit the <ENTER> key to boot into your new Linux Mint desktop:

Your new Linux Mint system starts. Log in to the desktop with the username and password you provided during the installation:

Before you can use your desktop for the first time, Linux Mint needs to know some details to configure the system. Click on Forward:

If you want to give the root account a password, you can do this here. If you don't do this, you can still run all commands with root privileges using the sudo command (this is the default configuration on Ubuntu and all derived distributions):

If you'd like to see funny quotes in your terminal whenever you start it, you can configure this on the next screen. Click on Forward afterwards:

That's it for the initial configuration. Click on Apply...

... and then on Close to finally start the desktop:

This is how your new desktop looks:

Now the base system is ready to be used.

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From: at: 2008-09-02 19:58:16

Excellent howto!

 As you rightly say, everyone's perfect desktop will be slightly different, but that is the beauty of Linux - the options are all there for us to customise our own setup.

I have only moved over to Linux just over two months ago. I started off with Ubuntu 8.04, which I found very good, tried Mepis  7, which didn't quite suit me and have settled (for the time being anyway!) on Mint Elyssa, which, for me, is brilliant.

I didn't go the VM route as I wanted to get away from Windows (I now have a dual boot with XP) as much as possible but instead installed Wine and am able to run Macromedia Dreamweaver , which I need to maintain a website, without any problems.

 Mint Elyssa could just be the OS that woos away a lot of people from Windows.


From: at: 2008-06-27 09:38:10

Nice article.

It is sad that you don't talk about Linux Mint's software portal ( which, though not as complete as synaptic, is a cool feature and has now a good selection of daily use apps.