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7 Additional Repositories

7.1 Livna


The livna-repository provides many packages, including multimedia applications and drivers for ATI and Nvidia graphic cards. It's 100% compatible to the fedora-repository. Install the repository package (root privileges needed):

rpm -ivh


7.2 Adobe

The Adobe repository provides the Adobe Reader and the flash plugin for firefox. Install the repository package (root privileges needed):

rpm -ivh


7.3 Skype

The Skype repository provides, as its name implies, Skype. Create the repository file (root privileges needed):

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/skype.repo

name=Skype Repository

Note: The GPG-key is not longer available so I disabled the gpgcheck.


8 Additional Software

8.1 Recommended

8.1.1 Adobe Flash Player


If you want to use the flash plugin for Firefox, install the following packages.

  • flash-plugin
  • libflashsupport

Please note that you have to restart Firefox before you can use the plugin.


8.1.2 Adobe Acrobat Reader


With the Adobe Reader you can open PDF documents.

If you want to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader (incl. the Firefox plugin), install the following package.

  • AdobeReader_enu (for English users)
  • AdobeReader_deu (for German users)

After the installation is finished the Adobe Reader is available in the GNOME applications menu.

Accept the license agreement if you agree with it.

Click on "Edit" in the top menu and select "Preferences".

Choose 96dpi as resolution and save the settings.

Please note that you have to restart Firefox before you can use the plugin.


8.1.3 Microsoft's True Type Core Fonts

Some fonts, including Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana for example.

If you want to use these fonts, build the needed package and install it (root privileges needed).

cd /tmp/
yum -y install rpm-build cabextract
rpmbuild -bb msttcorefonts-2.0-1.spec
rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/noarch/msttcorefonts-2.0-1.noarch.rpm --nodeps

Ignore the warning during the installation - "chkfontpath" is not longer needed/available on Fedora 9.


8.1.4 W32codecs & Others

Codecs needed to play MS and some other video formats.

If you want to use these codecs open a terminal and enter (root privileges needed):

cd /tmp/
tar xfvj all-20071007.tar.bz2
mkdir /usr/lib/codecs/
cp all-20071007/* /usr/lib/codecs/
ln -s /usr/lib/codecs/ /usr/lib/win32

Additionally, in order that your system is able to play DVD's, you should install the following package.

  • libdvdcss


8.1.5 Spamassassin Evolution Plugin


If you want to use the spamassassin evolution plugin to filter your emails, install the following package.

  • evolution-spamassassin


8.2 Replacements

8.2.1 Digikam (possible replacement for f-spot)


Digikam is a photo management software.

If you want to use digikam, deinstall the following package ...

  • f-spot

... and install these packages.

  • digikam
  • kipi-plugins


8.2.2 MPlayer (possible replacement for totem)


MPlayer is a video player with many features - supporting nearly every known video format, e.g. MPEG/VOB, AVI, Ogg/OGM, VIVO, ASF/WMA/WMV, QT/MOV/MP4, RealMedia, Matroska, NUT, NuppelVideo, FLI, YUV4MPEG, FILM, RoQ and PVA (the codecs from step 8.1.4 are needed to support some of the listed formats).

If you want to use the mplayer, deinstall the following packages ...

  • totem
  • totem-mozplugin

... and install these packages.

  • mplayer
  • mplayer-gui
  • gecko-mediaplayer


8.2.3 Audacious (possible replacement for rhythmbox)


Audacious is a lean audio-player.

If you want to use audacious, deinstall the following package ...

  • rhythmbox

... and install these packages.

  • audacious
  • audacious-plugins
  • audacious-plugins-vortex
  • audacious-plugins-wavpack
  • audacious-plugins-nonfree-aac
  • audacious-plugins-nonfree-alac
  • audacious-plugins-nonfree-mms
  • audacious-plugins-nonfree-mp3
  • audacious-plugins-nonfree-tta
  • audacious-plugins-nonfree-wma


8.2.4 Azureus (possible replacement for transmission)


Azureus is an easy to use bittorrent client with many features.

If you want to use azureus, deinstall the following package ...

  • transmission

... and install this package.

  • azureus
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From: at: 2008-06-03 00:56:14

What theme is being used there?  Does it come with Fedora, or can it be found elsewhere?


From: at: 2008-06-05 12:52:04


the theme you can see on the installation-screenshots is the standard Fedora theme. The black theme that I used for the other screenshots is a customized version of the theme "SlicknesS" from I can send it to you if you give me your email address.

Best regards,


From: at: 2008-06-11 18:33:19

Thanks, it looks great.

From: Adro at: 2008-10-09 03:13:57

Hiya Oliver,

Could you send me the theme too please? My email is mrsparkle78 [at] gmail [dot] com?

Thanks very much



From: Anonymous at: 2008-11-26 13:03:00


 can you plzz email the theme to me as well


From: at: 2008-07-12 23:25:37

Hi Oliver!

Very nice theme! Can you send it to my email in danielriosantos [at] gmail [dot] com?

Thanks in advance!


From: at: 2008-07-13 09:56:56

Dear Olli,

 thanks for the tutorial, it was quite useful for me.

Can you please send me the gnome-theme you where using during the tutorial? Thanks!


From: at: 2008-08-11 07:30:37

Great guide, I'm using it as a bit of a bible at the moment - very new to Linux!

If you could email me the modified slickness theme I'd be very greatful.


From: at: 2008-06-17 22:04:55

I have never needed to turn off SELinux on desktops. I don't know what kind of problems are being referred to. If there is a SELinux problem with a Fedora package file a bug.

From: at: 2008-07-02 04:30:00

Thank you for this great guide. Helped me a lot!

From: Adro at: 2008-10-09 03:18:08

Hiya Oliver

Could you send me the theme too please?  My email is mrsparkle78 [at] gmail [dot] com?

Thanks very much


From: Mahesh M at: 2008-11-25 15:00:39

Hi Oliver

Thanks for the cool tutorial. Could you send me the modified SlicknesS theme please? My email is mahesh_m_1973 [at] yahoo [dot] com

thank you

Mahesh M

From: Ken at: 2008-10-10 02:18:59

First off great tutorial as always.  What is that desktop theme?  In the begining you started off with a glassy desktop theme.  When I installed it I didn't get that theme. 

From: noogz at: 2008-11-26 20:34:14

yes, i'd love to know the themes you used there, too.


From: Micha at: 2008-12-28 14:18:32

I found the theme ;)

Look at and search for 'SlicknesS'. You'll find this (and some modificated) theme for GTK and Berly (Emerald).