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Step 8:

Incoming Mail Server Configuration (Dovecot):

Open /etc/dovecot.conf and change the following lines. 


#protocols = imap  pop3 


protocols = imap imaps pop3 pop3s  

Save and exit and restart dovecot service.

  service dovecot restart 



Step 9:

Webserver Configuration (Apache):

Apache  comes  pre-configured, you  just  have  to  change the ServerName parameter  in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf  file and restart the service, that’s all. Open /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf  and set the ServerName parameter.

ServerName www.abc.com 

Save and exit and restart httpd service.

service httpd restart 


Installation & Configuration of Squirrelmail    

•  Check that Squirrelmail is installed on the system.

  # rpm –q squirrelmail 

•  If squirrelmail is not installed on the system then install it through rpm:

  # rpm –ivh squirrelmail 

•  Now go to the squirrelmail directory, located in /usr/share.

  # cd /usr/share/squirrelmail 

•  Then go to the config directory:

  # cd config 

•  Now run one of the following commands to configure squirrelmail.

  # ./conf.pl 


perl conf.pl 

•  Now select option 1 (Organization Preferences).

Organization Name  :  YOUR_ORG_NAME
Organization Title  :  YOUR_ORG_NAME Webmail 
Provider link    :  http://YOUR_ORG_SITE_ADDRESS
Provider name  :  YOUR_ORG_NAME

•  Now select option 2 (Server Settings). 

Domain                   :  abc.com 
Sendmail or SMTP :  Sendmail
IMAP Server          :  localhost
IMAP Port               :  143
Server software     :  uw
Delimiter                :  /

•  Now select option 3 (Folder Settings).

Default Folder Prefix                : mail/
Show Folder Prefix Option       : true 

Trash Folder                            : Trash
Sent Folder                              : Sent
Drafts Folder                           : Drafts
By default, move to trash        : true
By default, move to sent         : true
By default, save as draft          : true

List Special Folders First         : true
Show Special Folders Color    : true
Auto Expunge                          : true
Default Sub. of INBOX            : false
Show 'Contain Sub.' Option    : true
Default Unseen Notify             : 2
Default Unseen Type              : 1
Auto Create Special Folders   : true

Folder Delete Bypasses Trash  : false
Enable /NoSelect folder fix   : false

•  Now select option 4 (General Settings).

Data Directory                       : /var/lib/squirrelmail/prefs/
Attachment Directory            : /var/spool/squirrelmail/attach/
Directory Hash Level            : 0
Default Left Size                   : 150
Usernames in Lowercase     : false
Allow use of priority              : true
Hide SM attributions             : false
Allow use of receipts            : true
Allow editing of identity        : true
Allow editing of name          : true
Remove username from header : false
Allow server thread sort       : true
Allow server-side sorting     : true
Allow server charset search : true
Enable UID support             : true

PHP session name              : SQMSESSID
Location base                       :

•  Now choose option 8 (Plugins) and select the plugins that you wish to provide to your webmail users.

•  Now open the browser with the following link: 



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By: Anonymous


In the documentation the final instruction is to write  or  http://your_site_address/webmail

But I wish to write following to see the same webmail page   or   http://your_site_address

 So what change is needed in my "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"  file


Please help me. I will be very greatfull


By: Mike Orton

According to your requirement use the below configuration in your  "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"


     ServerAdmin  [email protected]

     DocumentRoot  /usr/share/squirrelmail

     ServerName    yourdomain.com

     ErrorLog      logs/yourdomain.com-error_log

     CustomLog    logs/yourdomain.com-access_log  common


By: Anonymous


just want to know. i already installed the squirrelmail and using this link ( to the login page and problem is i dont know the default username & password for admin to login.  

By: starnight

hello, use your system login name & password , then you can log in the squirrelmail. 

To ad a new  user,  just use useradd command in terminal and passwd to change the user passwd.