How To Set Up Mailman With Debian And ISPConfig

This only Works with the ISPConfig dev Branche (> 2.3.3)

First of all you will have to install mailman:

apt-get install mailman

Then you can proceed with the ISPConfig Installation. Make sure to answer yes when asked about Mailman during the installation process:

Do you want to use Mailman together with ISPConfig? [y/n]

After your ISPConfig installation is finished, log in. Then go to Managment and in the left frame under Server choose the sub-menu Settings. In the main frame choose EMail and set the Mailman Domain as shown in the screenshot below.

All the mails for this domain will be handled by Mailman. So you should use a dedicated domain, is a good choice.

Now you should be ready to add a new Mailing List in ISP Manager -> Sites -> Afterwards you should see Mailing Lists:

This is already the end of this mini howto.

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