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There's also a small green arrow in the Windows taskbar...

... and when you click on it, you can see the startup process in the console (if you don't want to see the console, don't click on the green arrow; if you have opened the console and want to make it disappear again, click on the green arrow a second time).

After the startup process has finished, you can see the Ubuntu taskbar at the top of the screen:

You can now use it as if this were an Ubuntu system, for example, you can start Ubuntu's Firefox browser...

... or Rhythmbox:

You can also use the Ubuntu terminal:



and you should see that you can access the Windows C: drive under /mnt/C.

Of course, it's also possible to install applications using the Synaptic Package Manager (for example, Amarok):

(When you start Synaptic, you must type in your password which is 123456 - see chapter 1.)

After the installation, you can start Amarok:

To stop Portable Ubuntu, click on the Exit icon in the Ubuntu panel...

... and click on the Yes button:

Portable Ubuntu should now shut down, and the Ubuntu panel and the green arrow in the Windows taskbar should disappear.

As I mentioned in the introduction, you can even copy&paste between Ubuntu and Windows applications (in both directions); and because Portable Ubuntu needs no installation, you can simply copy the Portable_Ubuntu folder to a thumb drive and carry it with you.


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By: Majid

Hey everyone

Does Portable Ubuntu give users the capability to do programming and install software using ./configure and make. Also does it give the capability to do network configuring and to configure and use applications like Apache Samba, etc etc ?


Very nice, thanks!! Now I don't have to reboot into Ubuntu just to test a website in Linux. Sweet!

By: roopesh

The default password is 123456

By: Anonymous

What would be the password for the sudo user i.e

If you type sudo bas it will ask you for password 

Same if you want to add/remove program you need sudo permission


So what is the password for that?



By: yanivomc

thanks man for the info about it!


i'm checking it right now.

By: Anonymous

What if i'm using windows  not  how administrator? i can't allow the firewall to accept  the  bar^

There is a metod to bypass the administrator? o run the  app just like user?



I am having the same problem, I am trying to run portable ubuntu as user.

they say:

"If you are using the Windows firewall, you might have to unblock two or three applications that are needed to run portable Ubunt"

What are these applications?

Thank you for your help...


By: Anonymous

i m not connect to internet with ubuntu portable, please help me what i m going to do..???

By: roystreet

Hello - I know I've come late in the game considering that it's now 2011 & it appears this was developed in 2009...

   I really wanted to try this out, so I went to download the file, but I just keep getting "Network Error (tcp_error)".  It will keep trying & trying, but I never get to download.  It appears as if it's trying to get to the download page, but never makes it.  I've tried to download on multiple networks & multiple computers & multiple browsers.


Is there something wrong with the site - or - Is it no longer available?