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Now we can launch the web-based Question2Answer installer by going to - click on the Create Database including User Management button:

Next specify an administrator username, password, and email address:

That's it - Question2Answer is now installed. Click on the Go to admin center link to go to the administration area:

That's how the backend looks:

The first thing you should do is activate clean URLs. Scroll down and select the first option from the URL structure section (/123/why-do-birds-sing) and click on Save Options:

There's no need to specify any rewrite rules in your nginx configuration for the clean URLs to work! That is because of this cool little line in our vhost configuration /etc/nginx/sites-available/

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?qa-rewrite=$uri&$args;

That's how the frontend looks - there are now questions yet. To create a question, simply click on the asking a question link:

Question2Answer provides a WYSIWYG editor to ask questions:


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