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4 Installing Shopware 4.0.x

We can now start the Shopware 4 installation wizard by going to

Select your language and click on Forward:

On the next page, the installer checks if all requirements are met. If not, fix your server configuration (e.g. the PHP settings) and reload the page until the configuration is ok, then click on Forward:

Next fill in your database settings and click on Forward:

Click on Forward:

Select your Shopware license (please note that if you select another version than the free Community Version, the ionCube loader must be installed, and you need a Shopware license key):

Next configure your shop (name, language, etc.) and click on Forward:

That's it, your Shopware 4 installation is now finished:

You can now log into the backend by going to - the default login is demo : demo (you should change this after your first login):

This is how the backend looks:

In the frontend, there's not much to see yet because you have to set up articles, etc. first:

If you like, you can fill your shop with demo data from Download the demo data and unzip it:

cd /tmp/shopware
wget -O

Make sure the files/ and media/ folders (and their contents) that are inside the demo package are owned by the same user that owns the Shopware installation (www-data in this case):

chown -R www-data:www-data files/ media/

Copy the contents of both directories to your Shopware installation and overwrite your existing files/ and media/ folders:

cp -pfr files/* /var/www/
cp -pfr media/* /var/www/

The demo package also contains demo data (in the file demo.sql) for your Shopware MySQL database which we can import as follows:

mysql -h localhost -u shopware_admin -pshopware_admin_password shopware < demo.sql

(Make sure there's no space between -p and the MySQL password!)

Now reload your Shopware website, and you will see that it contains demo data to play with:

Have fun with your Shopware shop under nginx!



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