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  1. 6. Conclusion

If you want to play a DVD that has already been inserted, this should be the way to get to it:

It could be a bit different for you, especially if you have more than one optical drive. What's that I hear? You want to watch the DVD?! Of course; I'm getting there... Here we go... Now, I mentioned that I don't like Totem all that well, so we're going to install one that I do like, VLC. Navigate to the Synaptic Package Manager item:

In the search box, type vlc and press the [Enter] key. The only one we should have to select is the one that simply says "vlc". So, click the box next to it, and then click the choice labeled Mark for Installation, like this:

It tells us we need more than just this one package:

That's okay; click the Mark button. It should then look like this:

Click the Apply button, the one with the green checkmark. You should see a box like this come up:

Of course, click the Apply button. A short while later, it tells us it's done:

Now, let's navigate to and open it:

We get another pop-up box:

You can choose what you prefer; I just left the default. After selecting your choice, click the OK button. Hey, here we go:

I moved the window. Here's how where I selected the disc drive:

Then, I left the default, since it is a DVD:

I clicked the Play button, and it started right up:

While you're at it, go ahead and try to play all the different formats of media that you possess. If some don't work, go ahead and install the codecs now. That way, you won't have to worry about it later, when you need them. (Note: It may be possible to most of the common codecs all at the same time by installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras package.)


6. Conclusion

Well, now you have a working, usable installation of Ubuntu!

All that you have to do now is enjoy it.

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By: Logan

So... You thought that since it looked like Windows, it has File Explorer?

Forget the OS... Any computer user with any brain at all will quickly realise that this is different software to what they're familiar, and, so, shouldn't be expecting things to be exactly the same.

Ubuntu does have something remarkably similar to File Explorer anyway. I'm a Windows user, and I'll be dual-booting with the latest version of Ubuntu as soon as my friend mails it to me. Tonight, I'll be installing Ubuntu 6, and I can promise you, I'll not be looking for Windows Explorer.

By: tyhee88

This is a good simple tutorial for new users.

Is this actually an old tutorial?  It seems strange to be seeing in November, 2009 a tutorial based on ubuntu 8.10, which is two versions ago and a year old.  I realize that the contents of the tutorial are still applicable to Ubuntu 9.10, but certainly the screenshots will all look different to those trying out a new version of Ubuntu.

 Another thing to consider is whether it might make sense to show users how to install Ubuntu-restrictedextras from Synaptic rather than installing individual codecs as they become necessary.  

By: gyffes

Most refugees from Windows will also want to know where their file Explorer is..

By: t0ka7a

I was bored to install again and again my preferred softwares each time I reinstalled Ubuntu. So, next step, I created a post-installation script infondlinux

It gives a model to personnalize user's own script. It is open source and security oriented.