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On the GRUB Settings tab, we can modify the global GRUB settings (like setting the default kernel to boot, setting a splash image, etc.):

You can modify a kernel stanza by going to the GRUB Entries tab again and double-click a kernel. You will get to a form with the values of the selected kernel; make your changes and click on OK:

Below the menu bar, you can find some interesting buttons:

The View Input button opens the Input window...

... which shows details about your hard drive and the partitions on the Device Input tab...

... and the contents of /boot/grub/menu.lst on the Menu Input tab:

The Add Entry button allows you to add a new kernel stanza:

If you click on it, the following form opens where you can fill in the details of your new kernel stanza:

The Edit Entry button allows you to modify an existing kernel stanza (as shown before):

The Copy Entry button lets you duplicate an existing kernel stanza (which you can then use as a template, for example):

The Remove Entry button removes the selected kernel stanza from the GRUB configuration:

The Scan File button reloads the current /boot/grub/menu.lst file:

The Encrypt Password button lets you set a password for the bootloader - this makes sense if you don't want anyone else to boot your computer:

The Create GRUB Splash Image button lets you set a different splash image:

With the Backup File button, you can back up the current /boot/grub/menu.lst...

... and with the Restore File button, you can restore /boot/grub/menu.lst from a previous backup:

The Delete Backup button lets you delete a backup:

When you click on the Settings button...

... you can configure the QGRUBEditor settings (not the GRUB settings!):

When you click on the What's This? button, you can afterwards click on any other item in the QGRUBEditor interface, and an explanation will pop up for that item:

The About QGRUBEditor button brings up some detailed information about the QGRUBEditor program:


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