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4 The Zimbra Web Interface

Zimbra comes with a web interface for the administrator ( and normal users ( I'm going to show some basic screenshots here, but no help on how to use Zimbra. To learn how to use Zimbra, please refer to and


4.1 The Administration Console

You can now open a browser and open the Zimbra Administrator web interface. The URL is Log in with the username admin and the password you specified during the Zimbra installation:

This is how the admin panel looks like:

You can find all pre-configured email addresses under Accounts:

If you want to add a new domain (e.g. because you want email addresses of the form [email protected] instead of [email protected]), click on Domains and then on New:


Afterwards, is listed in the domains list:

To create a new user, go to Accounts and click on New:

Follow the wizard to create a new email account. Take care that you select the right domain ( vs.

Afterwards, mark the new account in the accounts list and click on Edit:

Specify a password for the new account on the General Information tab and click on Save:


4.2 The User Webinterface

Now that you've created a normal user account, you can log out of the admin panel and go to Log in with the email address and the password of the new account:

This is how the user webinterface looks like. You have tabs to manage your emails, address book, calendar, documents, etc.


5 Uninstall Zimbra

If you want to uninstall Zimbra, do it like this:

Go the the Zimbra installation directory (I hope you didn't delete it):

cd /usr/src/zcs 

Then run

./ -u

and delete the Zimbra installation directory afterwards:

cd /usr/src
rm -rf zcs


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Just a quick note: not all the features listed are features of the Open Source version.  Consult the product comparison map on the Zimbra website to see which capabilities each verson has.

 Having said that, it seems to be worth it, especially the calendaring is very powerful.  Thanks for the HOWTO, it saves a lot of time!



Many many thanks to writer of this greate how to, it is really helpfull and it just works

I am new to this forum so let me be part of this please

I followed this how to and got my zimbra running without any major issue. I cannot figure out where this info should go  /etc/hosts  or /etc/resolv.conf or somewhere else

[...]        A        MX 0             MX 0

so followed rest and it still worked very nice but I was not able to browse by domain and that is why I could got any email or reply I was successfull in sending mails, but I used IP instead and that worked. I am really thankfull to writer and asking for little help to clear where this stuff stated above suppose to go and if possible give me exact files contents which will be greate help. Thank you in advance

[email protected]

By: Oniemusha

This is a nice site who really are linux noobz. i just followed the instruction and voila my zimbra mail is online. Again, thank you for a nice work!!!!