Installing Songbird 0.3 Developer Pre-Release On Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) - Page 2

4 Creating A Menu Entry For Songbird

Now right-click on the Applications menu and select Edit Menus:

Go to Sound & Video and click on the New Item button:

The Create Launcher dialogue starts. In the Name field type in Songbird, then click on the Browse... button right of the Command field:

Navigate to your Songbird directory (/home/falko/Songbird) and select the songbird binary (/home/falko/Songbird/songbird), then click on Open:

The Command field should now contain the full path to the songbird binary (/home/falko/Songbird/songbird); now click on the icon in the top left corner of the Create Launcher dialogue to select a menu icon for Songbird:

The Browse Icons window opens. Click on the Browse... button in the top right corner...

... and navigate to the directory where you've saved the songbird.png icon (/home/falko/Songbird/icon), select songbird.png, and click on OK:

The new icon should now appear in the Create Launcher window. If you like you can fill in a comment, but that's optional. Click on OK to leave the Create Launcher window:

You should now see the new menu item in the Menu Editor. Click on Close:


5 Starting Songbird

To start Songbird, go to Applications > Sound & Video > Songbird:

If you start it for the first time, you must accept the license agreement:

Songbird checks for available add-ons. Select the ones you want and click on OK:

The selected add-ons are now being downloaded and installed:

Finally Songbird starts. This is how it looks:

Have fun!


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