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2 Creating A Launcher For XBMC

If you don't want to start XBMC from the command line, you can create a launcher for it. First, we have to find out where the xbmc executable is located, so in the terminal, type:

which xbmc

This shows you the full path to the xbmc executable (provided that it is located in the PATH):

[[email protected] ~]$ which xbmc
[[email protected] ~]$

Now right-click on Applications and select Edit Menus:

Select Sound & Video and click on the New Item button:

The Create Launcher window comes up. Fill on XBMC as the Name and the path to the xbmc executable (/usr/local/bin/xbmc in my case) in the Command field and click on OK:

Then close the menu editor.

Afterwards you can start XBMC by going to Applications > Sound & Video > XBMC:


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By: Falko Timme