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If you see this message, click on Forward. I will address this issue later on (the message says that the user that runs VirtualBox - that's the user you're logged in as on your desktop - must be a member of the vboxusers group):

Click on Close afterwards to finish the installation and leave the Package Installer:

Now to add the desktop user (falko in this example) to the vboxusers group, we must open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal):

To add the user falko to the vboxusers group, we run

sudo usermod -G vboxusers -a falko

in the terminal and close it afterwards.

To start VirtualBox, go to Applications > System Tools > Sun xVM VirtualBox (if you don't see the VirtualBox launcher, log out of the desktop and back in again):

When you start VirtualBox for the first time, you are prompted to accept its license:

Afterwards, type in your name and email address to register your VirtualBox installation:

That's it! You can now use VirtualBox to create virtual machines:


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