Installing SugarCRM Community Edition On Debian Lenny - Page 2

Next fill in a password for the SugarCRM admin user (username is admin):

Select your locale and currency settings:

You should now see a summary of your selected options. If everything's ok, click on Install:

SugarCRM is now being installed. Click on Next afterwards:

If you want you can now register to receive newsletters - this is optional:

You should now see the SugarCRM login screen. Fill in admin as the username and the password you specified in the setup wizard:

After the first login, you are asked to select your time zone. Select the right one and click on Save:

This is how sugarCRM looks:

A user guide for your SugarCRM version can be found on


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From: kostar at: 2009-12-09 06:31:28

when using command " vi /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini "

it opened php.ini file in a view only mode.

I authenicated as root by usng " su ' command

then I used " gedit php.ini " command and successfully edited and saved php.ini file.


Guide is very helpful. thank you!