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  1. The final steps

The final steps

Once the installer has completed you need to start the ColdFusion service.

Press enter and type:

sudo /opt/coldfusion9/bin/coldfusion start

Give this some time to start up then visit:


You will need to enter the administrator password to continue the setup.

This will complete the install.

And you will be able to log into the administrator section.

You may like to set the default document.

Add this to /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:

DirectoryIndex index.cfm

Then run:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

You can now connect to your ColdFusion 9 server with ColdFusion builder (or any other tool) and make a test page in /var/www.

I will use vi to make a test file; I will also remove the original index.html.

cd /var/www
sudo rm index.html
sudo vi index.cfm

You can now run this file by simply entering the IP address of the ColdFusion server.

The default document will now be index.cfm.

You now have ColdFusion 9 running on Apache on Ubuntu 9.04.

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By: UbuntuNewbie

Thanks for putting up such a great tutorial.  I am long time CF developer but I am new to Linux so I appreciated the tutorial.  I just upgraded and all of the directions you provided worked for 9.10.

By: new2Ubun2

I am completely new to Ubuntu and have only "played" with other Linux distros in the past but when my old WinXP box frustrated the heck out of me for the last time I decided to try and build an Ubuntu/CF/mySql server. Following your great tutorial I had the box up and running in under 90 minutes and with no head-scratching whatsoever.

Without your step-by-step guide it could have taken me a whole day to get this project running - Thank you.

By: Martin Byrne

Just had to say thanks for your excellent tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to make it. You saved me a LOT of problems.

By: LibraryWebDev

Thanks for the step by step instructions. I'm new to linux and server administration. This tutorial worked for me using Ubuntu 10.04 and 64-bit ColdFusion9. Again thanks for the great tutorial.